Over 500 bands applied to appear at Hard Working Class Heroes in its 12th year. Taking place from Thursday, October 2, to Saturday, October 4, 103 Irish acts have made the cut, from more established acts like Meltybrains? and Deaf Joe to plenty that I haven’t even heard of: hello Death in the Sickroom, Buffalo Woman, Hare Squead and about 50 more. Weekend tickets are €45 and day tickets are €20 (plus TM fees, of course). Venues are the usual HWCH fare: Button Factory, The Workman’s Club, Mercantile, Twisted Pepper, Grand Social, Meeting House Square, plus a new one on me (I’m from Cork, leave me alone), Bad Bobs. You can listen to nearly all of the acts below – some haven’t released any music, and one or two others might not have uploaded it to Bandcamp or Soundcloud. Just to do the breakdown of the 104 acts: 59 are from Dublin, 10 are from Galway, nine are from Cork, three are from Belfast; Kildare, Mayo, Wicklow, Sligo, Derry and Armagh have two each, while there’s one from Antrim, Tyrone, Louth, Meath, Wexford, Kilkenny, Clare, Westmeath, Kerry, Longford and Waterford (that’s 21 counties in all). Two – Myles Manley and Old Hannah – I’m counting as Sligo artists, and two more – the awfully named Loafing Heroes and Sisters – are based in Lisbon and London, respectively, but have members from Dublin. Listen to some of the music below and find a new favourite band.

A Lazarus Soul (Dublin)

Acrobat (Dublin)

Affleck (Belfast)

Arborist (Belfast)

Atriums (Dublin)

Benihana (Kildare)

Benny Smiles (Dublin)

Brian Casey (Cork)

Buffalo Sunn (Dublin)

Buffalo Woman (Dublin)

Carriages (Dublin)

Carried By Waves (Cork)

Cfit (Dublin)

Ciaran Lavery (Antrim)

Cloud Castle Lake (Dublin)

Clu (Dublin)

Codai (Dublin)

Color // Sound (Dublin)

Columbia Mills (Wicklow)

Conor Walsh (Dublin)