Dublin artist Diamond Dagger has been pretty busy lately, what with being one half of Chrystyne with Goodtime, and this week he’s unveiled a new album that he’s made available for free download. Formerly known as Sarsparilla, Estate Crudele is Damien Lynch’s first full length under the Diamond Dagger name – and it’s been worth the wait. ‘Breakfield’ is the first of the nine tracks, coming across like a tune that was made in the 80s, gathered dust in an attic for 20 years and now Lynch is shining it up real nice again. ‘Apollo’s Creed’, as the name suggests, sounds like a theme tune for a hipster superhero. The title tracks features a throbbing bassline while ‘Red Leather Bop’ and ‘Lucky 6’ continue the killer dance element that is slathered all over Estate Crudele . ‘Deep Breath’ and ‘End Titles’ add a little Solar Bears subtlety to proceedings. The cover art was designed by Ian Pearce and you can download the album on a name-your-price basis via Diamond Dagger’s Bandcamp page.