Disconcerting P is the work of Naas artist Padraig McAuley, who you might recognise from a similarly named band, the P Affection. On Masks, which he says is an album about love, we find McAuley channelling one of my favourite bands, the soothingly reassured Real Estate. It’s evident from the first track of the collection, ‘Driving’, built over a simple repeating guitar line that finds McAuley “driving, driving, driving all night long… to the dawn”. ‘Until The Drugs Wear Off’ sounds like it was created in a dune at dusk over the course of several summer evenings. ‘Sneaking Off’ is probably the highlight of the 10 tracks, which clock in at an in-a-rush 31 minutes. There’s a hint of Conor Oberst in his questioning growls: “Should I be worried about it? Should I worry at all? Taking off, you’re taking off.” ‘Lost Something’ is about trying to put a brave face on, even when “all your dreams seem to stop when you fall down, you fall so low”. There are a few missteps on the collection: ‘A Happy Tune’ is a little too simplistic, while the following track, ‘Disco Fever’ repeats the “do do do dos” but with slightly higher “oohs”. But overall, Masks will have you pining for the beach once more, mainly to find ‘A Woman That’s Gonna Love Me’. You can download Masks from Disconcerting P’s Bandcamp page.