I still don’t think I’ve fully come to terms with Rhob Cunningham‘s 11-minute epic that he released earlier this summer, but today, he’s revealed a gorgeous new track. ‘Quiet Song’ is the opener to The Window And Day, the Dublin singer’s second album, due for release on September 18. We find Cunningham in a contemplative mood, “yearning for some inspiration, waiting for your time to come”. It plays out over a gently plucked acoustic guitar and the softest of strings. Of the album itself, Cunningham’s friend Myles O’Reilly says: “”One night not so long ago Rhob Cunningham was wondering how and where to record a new album, I joked about going to Iceland to record with someone legendary like Valgeir Sigurðsson… we laughed, opened another beer.. and later went to Iceland so Rhob could record with Valgeir Sigurðsson. AMAZING.” Rhob Cunningham, who is currently based in Berlin, returns to play the Button Factory in Dublin on September 18, to coincide with the release of The Window And Day.