Archive: September 2014
cloud castle lake sg

Press Record have made a really nice video of Cloud Castle Lake performing one of my songs of the year, ‘Sync’. Press Record has been doing really good work over the past few months, recording the likes of the Minutes, Sleep Thieves, Daithi and Kid Karate – you can watch all these sessions and more […]

september girls beach

September Girls released debut album Cursing The Sea back in January, have toured it extensively, a couple members found time to fit in some sideprojects (Cruising and the Debutantes), and now the five piece return with a new song and news of an EP. ‘Veneer’ doesn’t veer too much from what’s come before, but it’s […]


Damon McMahon aka Amen Dunes was touring around Ireland last week, arriving in Cork on Thursday, September 25, to play the TDC in the Triskel. Promoted by the Southern Hospitality Board, Amen Dunes, completed by Parker Kindred and Jordi Wheeler, channel Kurt Vile and play sunny, laid back Americana. And finally I got to catch […]

JENNIFER evans album cover

I’ve only caught Jennifer Evans live about three times in as many years, including with Halves in 2011. But it was enough to make me really excited to hear more from her back in, er, January 2013. Now, 18 months later, we finally have new music from Evans and details of a debut album. She […]

girl band

For its tenth year, the Clonakilty International Guitar Festival had a stellar lineup over the weekend, from September 18-21. I was only able to make it down for the Saturday, but still managed to catch the Lost Brothers, Band of Clouds and Brian Casey, all of whom I’ve been waiting ages to see; I can’t […]

dear desert

Dear Desert are ploughing similar terrain to the likes of Talos, Woman’s Hour and Banks, that delicate, ethereal dream pop music. A three piece from Dublin, there’s groove to what Richie Fenton, Brendan Millar and James O’Donnell are doing. Co-produced by Darragh ‘Sacred Animals’ Nolan, ‘Gift Above’ is a gorgeous song built around distant drums […]

cloud castle lake sync

Cloud Castle Lake gave us their first new track in a long time early last month, and ‘Sync’ didn’t disappoint. It acts as the opening track on the Dublin band’s new EP, entitled Dandelion, out now on Happy Valley Records. ‘A Wolf Howling’ continues where we left off, and, touching on seven minutes, should give […]

the debutantes

After introducing the Debutantes more than three years ago, there hasn’t exactly been much new music from the Galway trio to get excited about. But now, finally, we get a five-track EP from the Scottish indie label Soft Power Records, which has put out Irish music by the likes of Cruising and September Girls; two […]

florence olivier

Nialler9 introduced us to Florence Olivier three months ago, telling us that they write “fun summery songs”. Which is fine when the June sun is just dawning, but it’s the middle of September now; the grand stretch in the evening is gone and it’s time to dig out the hot water bottle. So what do […]


A five piece based in Armagh, Silences are gearing up to release their second EP, entitled Sister Snow, next month. The debut Nevernames EP was a really lovely introduction to the band and they’ve kept the best elements for the gorgeous ‘Sister Snow’. Built over a classic folk guitar line, Conchúr White’s pillow-soft vocals sound […]