Waterford act the Casanova Wave last month offered us a glimpse of the progression from his two-year-old debut album with ‘New Sensation‘. Featuring Biggles Flys Again, it’s grown on me a lot in the intervening month, sounding like an old friend willing you on to new glories. On the Sundown Yellow Moon EP, the upbeat mood continues with ‘Colours Burst’, featuring vocals from In The Willows, who have just released their debut album and play Cyprus Avenue in Cork this Wednesday, September 17. Not quite as gung-ho as Arcade Fire’s epic ‘No Cars Go’ (do you prefer the album version or the debut EP track?), the softly softly ooohs mix with heys and hos that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It’s a lovely, full sound that also sees Brian McCartan play around with the melodica and glockenspiel. “Don’t waste your time or your life will pass you by,” they proclaim – hardly a revelation, but in keeping with the up-and-atom attitude of the opener. The (nearly) instrumental ‘Sacrifices and Compromises’, like the Angelus, lets one reflect on what’s gone before while things peter out on ‘The Fear Crescendos’ which ends things with a, well, a crescendoing guitar. You can download the Sundown Yellow Moon EP on Bandcamp for just €2.