Froh∀nd (or Fro Hand, as we’ll call him from here) is an electronic producer from Dublin. He’s got a couple of tracks on his Soundcloud page and this collaboration with Ciaran from Crayonsmith has me very excited. Built around the increasingly frightening refrain “I don’t want to wait til I’m dead and gone”, ‘Don’t Wait For Harm’ is at once claustrophobic but hopeful. The synths that line the background point towards optimism, before Ciaran’s dulcet tones confirm as such: “Maybe we can happen soon.” Fro explains how the track came about: “Last year I bumped into an old friend of mine, Ciaran, at The Harvest Moon Festival in Schull, Co Cork. We played a few gigs together years ago and both of us had been booked to play this festival in Cork. It was great catching up and both decided to work together on some music… This song took some work. A constant back and forth of WAV files and ideas through email was the norm for months. The mastering process made my brain hurt so much as my laptop couldn’t keep up with the session file in Ableton. It was a beautiful nightmare. Ciaran adds real emotion to the song. My tune was just a bare skeleton, no meat or substance, but when he sent me his vocals they added the heart and flesh the song desperately needed. I couldn’t be happier with the result.” You can download ‘Don’t Wait For Harm’ below.