Nialler9 introduced us to Florence Olivier three months ago, telling us that they write “fun summery songs”. Which is fine when the June sun is just dawning, but it’s the middle of September now; the grand stretch in the evening is gone and it’s time to dig out the hot water bottle. So what do Florence Olivier do with their “fun summery songs”? They can hardly call them “fun autumny songs”, can they? ‘Singularity’ is their third single and arrives ahead of a performance at Hard Working Class Heroes on Thursday, October 2. And it contains our answer: “And they’ll never let it go, and they’ll pretend that it’s the summer, forget the beat,” Rob Maguire sings, ably assisted by Blathnaid Healy, who chants “I’ll remember that” throughout. So there we have it: Florence Olivier the perfect summer band for all the seasons. You can download ‘Singularity’ for free below.