After introducing the Debutantes more than three years ago, there hasn’t exactly been much new music from the Galway trio to get excited about. But now, finally, we get a five-track EP from the Scottish indie label Soft Power Records, which has put out Irish music by the likes of Cruising and September Girls; two members of the latter band (Paula Cullen and Sarah Grimes) are in the Debutantes, which might explain the long delay in musical output. The five tracks that make up the S/T EP are exactly what I was hoping for from the Debutantes. Completed by Leon Butler, it’s high octane, lo-fi and with a killer hook worming its way throughout each song. From the surf pop stylings of opening track ‘Burn The Merchandise’ to the action thriller ‘Adam’s Apple’, the quality never lets up. A brilliant listen. You can get the EP on cassette at the Soft Power Bandcamp page; they’re limited to 100. Welcome to the ball, guys – took you long enough to get here.