Cloud Castle Lake gave us their first new track in a long time early last month, and ‘Sync’ didn’t disappoint. It acts as the opening track on the Dublin band’s new EP, entitled Dandelion, out now on Happy Valley Records. ‘A Wolf Howling’ continues where we left off, and, touching on seven minutes, should give you an insight into the widescreen scope of the band. The skittering drums and Daniel McAuley’s soaring vocals are the main reasons Cloud Castle Lake won’t be able to escape the Radiohead comparisons with the EP – but when it sounds this great, why would you complain? It mutates into an epic, almost psychadelic beast. You know those songs that just keep reaching and hitting new heights and leaving you delirious? That’s me every time I hear ‘A Wolf Howling’. A sensation. ‘Mothcloud’ offers a bit of a breather while it showcases McAuley’s vocals – probably best you don’t try to sing along, eh – before the title track ends things on a whim. Cloud Castle Lake said on Facebook today: “It’s the fruit of a very long development and the immeasurable help of a great many exceptional musicians, engineers, advisors, friends, family and loved ones, whose expertise, patience and support we are endlessly grateful for. It’s been a gratifying/arduous/exciting/moving process to make and release these songs. We’re very proud of this little record and hope you enjoy it.” You can order the Dandelion EP online here. Cloud Castle Lake launch the EP in Whelan’s, Dublin, tomorrow night, Saturday. It’s sure to be a stunning show.