Participant is Dublin-based musician Stephen Tiernan. He’s been working on his debut EP for about a year and today released Bit Slow into the world. Despite the long time working on the release, he chants on second track ‘Shelter’: “I’m not waiting, I never was.” The song titles should be an indication of what lies ahead: the aforementioned ‘Shelter’, ‘Window’ and ‘Plain Sight’ all indicate an intimate and sincere. approach. Over the sporadic percussion of ‘Start To Try’, Tiernan – an a delivery unmistakably akin to Sufjan Stevens – sings: “Patiently I kept it all inside, in action my usual disguise… You can’t even understand the problem, you won’t even start totry, you can’t even start to start.” In ‘Plain Sight’, the highlight of the collection, he says: “I told myself the same lies you used to keep your mind at ease.” Overall it’s an enchanting listen, one that is heavy on atmosphere but doesn’t overburden things. You can download the Bit Slow EP, recorded by Tony Fitz and Ber Quinn, who also mixed it, for free from Participant’s Bandcamp page. He plays the Workman’s Club at 8pm this Friday, October 3, as part of Hard Working Class Heroes.