Dublin producer Kormac is readying second album Doorstepsfor release October 20 on Bodytonic. We’ve already heard ‘Wake Up‘ and the Speech Debelle-featuring ‘White Noise‘, and now we get ‘Another Screen’, a collaboration with Irvine Welsh. The Scottish writer tells Noisey how the collaboration came about: “We had a mutual friend over in Ireland. Plus, I knew Kormac from reputation. I thought he was a very eclectic and skilled musician, and I felt it would be an interesting thing to get involved in. I didn’t have any preconceived ideas of what we would do. He came across to Edinburgh, whilst I was there working on a book, and we knocked it together very quickly didn’t we?” Kormac: “I think it was the quickest song on the entire album.” You can hear the collaboration, and watch the fun video, below.