I was quite taken with Sails‘ first release ‘Winning Ways‘ a couple of weeks ago. It’s the b-side for their debut single ‘Lakes’, the video of which, directed by Stephen Patrick Allen, has just been released. It packs quite a hefty punch while it searches for your heartstrings. Nearly as epic as Villagers’ ‘Ship of Promises’ – all this water wordplay – Darragh Cahill’s coarse vocals are never less than captivating, as are Theodora Byrne’s subtle harmonies. The video features a neverending rope, Byrne’s escape to the open sea – I wonder did she meet the Late David Turpin? – and waking up in the bathtub after a particularly lairy night out bad dream. You can purchase ‘Lakes’ on iTunes now. Sails launch the ‘Lakes’ single in the Button Factory this Wednesday, October 15, with All The Luck In The World and Elephant (Facebook event page).