I really enjoyed Armagh band Silences‘ show at Hard Working Class Heroes last week. They’ve just released their second EP, ‘Sister Snow’, which confirms that they’re making some of the most soothing music in the country at the moment. I talked about the title track here, and while what follows is along similar lines, it shifts closer to the fireside to tell tales that will warm the coldest of hearts. The EP is a showcase for Conchúr White’s gorgeous, smooth vocals: He woos his way through ‘Stones’ and James Vincent McMorrows all over ‘Cops and Robbers’, a track which philosophises that “if all the cops and robbers were replaced by the ones you adore, then all your grief you would bequeath but in the grief you grew”. He ends it with a question: “Who do you think makes these rules?” ‘Chase Me Home’ threatens that “for the quiet alone, I’d cut my tongue”. Hopefully an empty statement, it’s played out over the most up-tempo backing track of the collection and points to an exciting future for Silences. You can download the Sister Snow EP below, via Bandcamp.