Clocking in at little over two minutes, the new single from Dublin four-piece Jet Setter doesn’t overstay its welcome. A super surf-pop song, it finds Ross Hamer in a passive, indecisive mood. “First time I didn’t know what to do, I just sat there stupid…”. He still doesn’t know what to do second time round. So what should he have done? By the fifth time, he concludes that, “I shouldn’t have met her.” Well then, I guess he is just dippis his toes into relationships. The single has been pressed to 300 limited edition 7″ heavyweight vinyl and is out this Friday, October 17, on Any Other City Records. Jet Setter tour dates after the jump,

Jet Setter tour dates:
Thursday, October 23: Kasbah Social Club, Limerick;
Friday, October 24: McGarrigles, Sligo;
Saturday, October 25: Whelan’s, Dublin;
Saturday, November 1: Crane Lane, Cork.