John Blek is leaving the Rats behind to release his debut solo album Cutting Room Floor on November 28. A collection of songs that Blek has been working on over the past 18 months, ‘Portland, Oregon’ is our first taster of the nine-track collection. As the name suggests, it’s a lovely acoustic number that’s bathed in Americana. “We used to drink a lot and stay out til dawn… we fell around the floor in the Oregon bars,” Blek soothingly sings, recalling the good old days before they grew grey and old – and yet they “still dance around the room in our Oregon home”. You can watch the video for the track, made by Barra Vernon and filmed in the Beggarman bar in Cork city, below. From the press release: “Recorded over one 20-hour session in a friend’s home. Cutting Room Floor is an intimate collection of nine alt-folk songs compiled by John since the release of John Blek & the Rats’ last album 18 months ago. This solo endeavour began simply as a longing to document some songs that had fallen by the way side, but turned into a strong collection of live acoustic performances that needed to be shared. The process involved very little overdubs and focuses on the strength of John’s lyrics and vocal performance.” You can preorder Cutting Room Floor here.