Cork-based two-piece MKAI are named after their family’s special word for music, and release their debut EP Waiting early next month. But to tide you over until then they’ve just unveiled the title track. Comprised of Cork brothers Conor and Cian MacSweeny, who are joined on stage by fellow siblings Eoghan and Colm, MKAI channel Bell X1 and go for the emotional jugular, ‘Waiting’ providing a gut-wrenching tug on your heartstrings. “I called out your name just to hear the streetlights’ refrain,” Cian sings, adding that “Suddenly your life comes forth from the darkness.” The video below was shot by Brian Benjamin Dwyer aka Madra Mór and sees a couple falling out of love. MKAI launch their debut EP with a show at Crane Lane at 8pm on Saturday, November 8. They say: “The launch night will be like no other with an immersive dance piece choreographed and performed by Miranda; aided and abetted by two other dancers to the accompaniment of a string quartet version of the single.”