East India Youth was one of the opening acts at the 36th annual Cork Jazz Festival, taking to the Cyprus Avenue stage last night, Thursday, October 23. Nominated for the Mercury which is announced next Wednesday, debut album Total Strife Forever would be more than a worthy winner. I’ve seen William Doyle live twice this year, supporting Wild Beasts in the Olympia – a real slow-burner of a support slot, starting out to an empty room and ending to a crowd in thrall to ‘Heaven, How Long’ – and at Body & Soul, and you could see the confidence growing in the interim couple of months. There wasn’t a big crowd at Cyprus Avenue for the show – they must be biding their time and lining their stomachs – for the weekend (here’s my guide to what to see), but Doyle is so captivating that it doesn’t matter. Cyprus Avenue has a good lineup over the next few days, including a sold-out Delorentos show tonight. All pictures below by BrĂ­d O’Donovan.