While it’s been relatively quiet on the blog over the last little while, if you’ve been paying attention you’ll have notices the podcast that we’ve started up. We started at the height of summer (when it was raining) and we’re now eight episodes in by the start of September (when it’s still raining). For the latest episode, we talk to people who were at Electric Picnic over the weekend, either playing the festival or just attending as a punter. So in just over an hour we talk to

Paul Savage of O Emperor, who played the Jerry Fish stage at 9pm on Sunday. Rubberbandits were one of the best things he saw all weekend, surprisingly
Senita of Shookrah, who played the Body & Soul stage early on Sunday, and Chris Somers of Elastic Sleep, though he was there as a punter
Luke O’Neill of Damsel, who made their debut by opening the b&s stage on Friday afternoon (Damsel are supporting August Wells in Coughlan’s, Cork city, tonight)
– Cork DJ Stevie G, who talks about how the festival has changed over its lifetime

Finally Aisling and Caoilian chat about their respective experiences of the weekend – Aisling was at End of the Road in England while Caoilian was at Electric Picnic. Here’s the Humans of Electric Picnic link I was talking about in the intro

You can listen on Soundcloud/Mixcloud below (and can subscribe to either) and you can subscribe on iTunes and never miss an episode.

The Point Of Everything #8: Electric Picnic Review by The Point Of Everything on Mixcloud