Sam Clague has been playing music for a long time – I remember walking down the main street in Clonakilty years ago and seeing Sam, barely in his teens busking. He’s only gotten better since, with plenty of shows, solo and with various bands, under his belt. And Clague is now ready to reveal his debut EP, Balloons. The EP is a gorgeous slice of harmonious pop music that touches on the big themes of getting older, love, home, death and friendship, and played out and ruminated on over a delicately struck acoustic guitar. Opening track ‘Waves Make Foam’ is the first single to be taken from the collection, and you can listen to it below. It’s almost like a nursery rhyme, built around the softly spoken, reassuring line, “We crash back home, like the waves make foam, to disappear again”. Like the surf, the song swells to the point where “I’m sinking at some predetermined pace”. Clague sings: “I’m struggling my friend to see an end, juggling all these things as we bend, up and down we stretch from side to side, just something to do as we wait for the tide.” And back to that friendly greeting as we crash back home, knowing we can always return and find our safe place, and disappear again.

Sam Clague launches debut EP Balloons , with the help of Ambiguous Fiddle at the Emmet Hotel, Clonakilty, at 9pm on Saturday, September 19. Entry is free.

Here’s a song and video shot by Ambiguous Fiddle, that Sam Clague released last year.