To say I’m excited about Altered Hours‘ debut album would be an understatement. I’m ecstatic about the news, delirious about the idea of around ten tracks from the five piece all in one place. But let’s try and get through this post first, and the fact that they’ve given us the first taster of In Heat, Not Sorry. Recorded at Funkhaus Studios in Berlin, where Altered Hours have recorded the likes of ‘Sweet Jelly Roll’, the album is coming out on Art For Blind Records and Penske Recordings in January 2016. ‘Way of Sorrow’, meanwhile, will be relatively familiar to people who have seen Altered Hours live, though I don’t remember acknowledging the Joy Division-ness of it before. It’s a crunching 145 seconds that sees Cathal Mac Gabhann’s vocals emanating from the distance, through a haze, crossing with Elaine Howley’s cries of “let me go”. “Tell me what to feel tell me what you see in the dark of night,” they urge, before the track fades. What a taster of things to come. Altered Hours play Hanger, Dublin, as part of Hard Working Class Heroes next week, on October 1, and support Girl Band in the Pav, Cork, two days later on Saturday, October 3. You can buy ‘Way of Sorrow’ on iTunes.