I was joined by Niamh Hegarty (Across The Line), Darren Keane (Hags) and Chris Somers (Elastic Sleep) to chat about the year in music, our favourite albums, gigs, Irish acts, etc. Niamh and Chris were at Other Voices down in Dingle so we chatted about that at the start for a while. Unsurprisingly Rusangano Family, who played in An Conair Bar (a “psychedelic wet dream”) earn plenty of love, as Chris describes them as a “gateway band”. Tandem Felix and Shookrah also get shoutouts, and Niamh pours plaudits on the Academic and Mahalia (who is only 17). Then we get into our favourites of 2015, including Girl Band and Kendrick Lamar. We discuss the “resurgence of vinyl”, and Tesco stocking Iron Maiden’s new LP (and Iron Maiden, supported by Marilyn Manson, playing Dublin in 2005, a gig which Darren wasn’t allowed attend. I defend Grimes’ new album Art Angels, Chris talks up Patrick Freeman’s Cherry Blossom Fall (Paddy was interviewed on the podcast a couple weeks ago), and Niamh tells the room about Marriages. And then it’s onto some of the best gigs we’ve attended this year, so dive in and feel free to tell us your favourite everything of the year. It was a very long podcast so I’ve split it into two parts – come back next Wednesday for part 2. You can subscribe to the Point of Everything podcast on iTunes.