Lie Ins, comprising Mike Stevens, Mark Chester and Ruan van Vliet, released their debut album, Death To Lie Ins, almost three years ago. Today the two-piece have released a new single that you can download for free from their Bandcamp page. With a chorus built around cries of “1-2-3-4” on a song that lasts less than three minutes, it’s hard not to think of the Ramones when listening to ‘Love in the Attic’. “You’re no good, you won’t do, here comes another one that’s better than you,” they huff as the song grows to encapsulate a classic surf-rock riff. ‘Go Back To Billy’ opts for a lo-fi sound, which isn’t really surprising considering the EP was recorded only last week by Chester in the Pop Inn, and harks back to a more care-free Josef K. Both tracks pack a lot of fun into six minutes – and all for free! Lie Ins are one of at least nine bands playing the fifth Popical Island all-dayer, taking place upstairs in Whelan’s this Saturday, December 19. Tickets are only a tenner. The other acts due to play, with more expected, apparently: Squarehead, Skelocrats, Ginnels, No Monster Club, Owensie, Walpurgis Family, The Number 1s, and Me and My Dog.