Hard Working Class Heroes takes place across Dublin from Thursday to Saturday, October 6-8. I talked to a couple acts ahead of the festival for the latest TPOE podcast (iTunes/Soundcloud), including Shaker Hymn, Galants and Noise Roo. Bitch Falcon are one of the loudest bands playing the festival this year. They only have a couple tracks (four on Soundcloud) under their belt, but mere seconds into ‘Clutch’, you’ll be proclaiming them the most exciting thing you’ve ever heard. I talked to the three members, Lizzie, Naomi and Nigel, for the the podcast, highlights of the interview are below. They say they’re gonna bring it on Saturday when they headline the Hub at 9.30pm on Saturday. Oh mama!

You guys have played HWCH before, right?
Lizzie: Yeah last year was our first time playing it.

How’d ye find it?
Great, great fun, lots of buzz around, great bands and getting to know young bands around Ireland and getting to speak to people in the industry.

Where did ye play last year?
We played in Hangar, which used to be Andrew’s Lane Theatre.

So have you guys been as punters to HWCH before?
Naomi: Yeah I’ve been to pretty much every one since 2009, maybe. I remember going as a young spud and thinking it was great.

Who have you seen down the years?
Naomi: Adebisi Shank, if I remember correctly.
Nigel and Lizzie: That’s a good one.
Naomi: Yeah either that or around the time they were gigging a lot. I’m pretty sure I saw an amazing band called We are the Scientists.
Nigel: A different band to We Are Scientists?
Naomi: Oh, We are the Science. An amazing Scottish band. Heathers as well, I saw Heathers do their first HWCH. Honestly, when I went as a punter I was making sure I got my moneys worth and saw about 30 bands a night. it’s really enjoyable, I think, for artists and the spectators. There’s so much to see, so much to catch.

Bitch Falcon, it’s weird, I think, man those guys have been around for ages, but you’ve only got a couple songs to your name, yet it seems natural that you’re headlining the Hub on Saturday night. That’s pretty class.
Lizzie: Yeah it kinda been crazy how the interest has grown over the past two, three years, cos it’s been very slow from our output, but we’ve just been gigging consistently. and I think people are just reacting to the gigs, and I think it’s been to our strength that instead of releasing loads of stuff, people are made to come out and see us rather than stay at home and listen.

Lots of festivals over the summer?
Naomi: We did like eight festivals over the summer. We did loads.
Lizzie: It’s mad, when you’re there it’s like, ‘what festival are we at again? Oh yeah, yeah yeah.’
Naomi: Just a blur of fun and camping and gigs.

And playing all the different stages, did you play different size stages and crowds. Did it take a while to get used to it?
Lizzie: The first one we did was Body & Soul, and that was just like being thrown right into the deep end cos that was big scale, big production, and it was just amazing, and it was a good long set, a 50-minute set, and it felt great, cos a good few people came; it felt full in the tent. Then the other gigs were similar scale production but kinda smaller capacity. And then we topped it off with Jerry Fish down at Electric Picnic and that was smaller.
Nigel: I’d say there was still a thousand people in that tent. When it was rammed to the back. It didn’t look like it from the stage but when you got down, I remember trying to leave that place and couldn’t get out. It’s huge.

So has it actually been a while since you played indoors?
Lizzie: No we played two gigs there [recently]. A little secret gig in Belfast, the guys from …And So I Watch You From Afar put it on. It was on Catniss Arts Centre in Belfast, so that was deadly. It was really really tiny and they spared no cost in their production so it was LOUD. It was so loud and so small.
Nigel: Lights.
Lizzie: Lights! everything. We’ve played bigger places with less production, far less production.
Naomi: It’s probably the loudest gig we’ve ever played.
Nigel: Which is saying something. It was Rory Friers’ birthday so it was pretty cool that those guys put it on, and we didn’t even know; …And So I Watch You From Afar weren’t supposed to play. It was only when we were half an hour from Belfast and he was texting, ‘Are ye nearly here or what’s the story?’ We’re like, ‘Oh yeah we’re somewhere, we dunno where we are cos we have no data for the maps’ and he was like ‘OK cool, we’re gonna play for half an hour before ye play. We were like ah…. first of all that’s fucking class, like oh great we’re gonna hear some new And So I Watch You From Afar stuff, and then it was like oh fuck, now we actually have to go on.
Lizzie: What we learned actually, one of the friends of the band, calls them Don’t Go Out Tonight Because It’s Raining.

And there was another gig ye played as well?
Lizzie: We played Billy Byrnes in Kilkenny for Culture Night. The Arts Council put us on, it was deadly, we met some really cool people, the arts officer in Kilkenny, a really cool woman, just talking about how she put on loads of squat gigs, was on a tour with the Sugarcubes, travelling around with Bjork. Like Kilkenny is turning into a bit of a hub for music now, people are making it a stop, people are so passionate about making it and everyone there is really enthusiastic and really take care of bands who go down there.
Nigel: And Low were playing there.

What can we expect from Bitch Falcon at HWCH?
Naomi: A pretty sweaty affair, I think. Just try to hone our set to showcase the strongest of what we have to offer so far as a band. Really looking forward to it, the slightly smaller space that the Hub offers as well. I think it’ll give us a good chance to play off whoever’s watching us, so a really really good close quarters night.
Lizzie: I think last year was bigger, in the Hangar, you were a bit further away, so this is going to be intimate and we’re gonna make it as intense as possible and get people really into it, have the whole place jumping.
Nigel: New stuff as well that definitely wasn’t played last year and if people weren’t at gigs lately they wouldn’t have heard some of the stuff that’s gonna be played on the Saturday night, so there’ll be some fresh tunes.

So after HWCH have you got much planned?
Lizzie: We’re looking to release something before the end of 2017 so a big old gift from Santa’s sack.
Naomi: There’s a few awesome bands on before us as well, Wolff are on before us, New Valley Wolves and Oh Boland, so that’ll be a fairly solid night.