Dublin four-piece Let’s Set Sail – Warren McCarthy, Ian Dunphy, Robert Molumby and Marian Hughes – have just unveiled ‘Canaries’, the first track taken from an EP they plan on releasing in 2017. They’ve been around a little while, releasing a couple tracks in summer 2015, and return with a madcap video that will leave you both scratching your head and laughing your ass off. Directed by the band and David DeBarra and Naomi Keenan O’Shea, it’s a “bizarre tale of one man’s dream to capture his artistic vision on camera”. The song itself is quite plaintive and soul-searching, with dreams about being an old man, “the intensive struggles with myself… but I enjoy what I can”. Just shy of five minutes, ‘Canaries’ goes through a couple of cycles and is quietly ambitious. It was recorded by Stephen Dunne in Lamplight Studios, Dublin.

A little more about Let’s Set Sail, from the press release: Let’s Set Sail began as a songwriting project for two university students, studying classical music composition. While roaming the streets of Maynooth with bags of both potential and cans, burning the ears off each other about their love for Sun Kil Moon and Four Tet, Warren McCarthy and Ian Dunphy decided it would be a good idea to sit together in a box room with a guitar, a bass and their voices. Since these humble beginnings, the project has evolved into a 4-piece band, with the additions of Marian Hughes and Robert Molumby. The band produces well-crafted electronic folk songs that contain bright synths, dynamic beats, tasteful piano, lush vocal harmonies and honest, relatable lyrics that permeate the music with a distinctly Irish flavour.