No Monster Club aka Babby Aherne are taking the Ash route to single releases this year. On the first of every month in 2017 the prolific Dubliner is going to release a new AA-side single as part of the Encyclopedia Project. They’re all going to be free/pay what you want. “As I’ll be utilising an alphabetical, encyclopedia-based naming scheme, issue #1 is entitled ‘Aardvark – Blessing’. The first two tracks set a high bar for what to expect from No Monster Club. ‘French Revolution’ is a playful seven minutes that showcases Aherne’s writing chops, turning wistful amid long interludes. “What are you waiting for, do you have a severed head? I thought that laugh would never end, now I’m way too old to play pretend,” he says, laying down the imaginative sword of his youth and plans to take Versailles. ‘Life is Flashing Before Your Eyes’ is a cover of the Vince Collins song from 1984 that is in keeping with the theme of ‘French Revolution’: “Well just to philosophise between two eternities I realise my life is flashing before my eyes, it’s just a dream and my advice is don’t neglect to have a nice life flash before your eyes.” Go get the tracks over at No Monster Club’s Bandcamp page – and remember to head back on February 1 for more new music.

Bonus content: I interviewed Bobby for the TPOE podcast back in March/April 2016.