Myles Manley, that most idiosyncratic of musicians, from Sligo, is back with ‘Relax; Enjoy Your Night Upon The Town’. With a rarely spotted semi-colon in the title, the song proceeds at an increasingly paranoid pace. “They’re coming after me and then they’re coming after you,” he warns. The ‘relax’ of the song title sounds almost like a warning than a comfort. Manley told the Fader, which premiered the video (directed and edited by Seamus Hanly): “It’s a song that remembers feeling like an outsider in a small town. The town that you’re now running around, with your only doomed friend, on a Tuesday night in July. You’ve loved the insular world you share in opposition to a bunch of troglodytes, but now you get to mix with them and a new fascination is getting the better of you. Maybe it’s you that’s the scum and you could solve it all this evening if you could only relax. Is it the love of a new world or the end of the old?” The song is released on 7″, via Dublin’s Little L Records, on February 17. You can preorder it on Myles Manley’s Bandcamp page. He plays Quarter Block Party in Cork this weekend.