A four piece – Anthony Breslin (drums), Cian Finlay (guitar/electonics), Cathal Mckenna (bass) and Alan Dooley (guitar) – from Dublin, Yonen‘s debut single ‘Tokyo’ sounds like Adebisi Shank at 4am in a jazz club. Just shy of seven minutes, it’s all instrumental and feels like it’s got ideas to spare. It goes through a couple of cycles and breakdowns before going for broke for the last couple minutes. Yonen have an English tour lined up at the start of February – it seems like they’ve gotten off to a flyer in 2017. Of ‘Tokyo’, guitarist Cian told the Minor Fall the Major Lift: “Our songs take place in hyperbolic and fantastical settings. Though Tokyo is a non fictional city, the song is merely capturing the inscape of the word ‘Tokyo’ as an abstract – ie what images your mind conjures when you hear the word ‘Tokyo’.” You can buy ‘Tokyo’ on Yonen’s Bandcamp page.