Powered by McMuffins, Dublin duo Bad Sea return with second single ‘Tell Me (What I Mean)’. I loved their debut single, released last September – while that reminded me of indie-pop duo Tennis, the 3.31-minute ‘Tell Me (What I Mean)’ is powered by Angel Olsen. It’s a confident slice of pop music that contrasts with Ciara Thompson’s soaring vocals but despondent lyrics. The birthday girl – she turned 21 today – sings: “It’s not the breaking up that’s hard, we’ve got that bit down to an art. I would like to stay away, I would but I’m just not that brave.” Ciara met bandmate Alan Farrell through Tinder, becoming acquainted through a mutual appreciation of Angel Olsen and Carly Rae Jepsen. They remained just friends, says the press release, and decided that love’s loss should become music’s gain. You’ll want to swipe right on Bad Sea and ‘Tell Me (What I Mean)’.