After going on hiatus in 2010, Newbridge’s Super Extra Bonus Party decided to reconvene in late 2014 – the pulsating ‘Switzerland’ is the first we’ve heard from them since. “I never meant to falter,” sings Gavin Elsted at the outset, adding later, “It’s better the devil you know.” On the decision to put his own vocals on a SEBP track for the first time, Elsted told Headstuff: “Because we weren’t brave enough [before]. I had a serious inferiority complex in terms of singing. Myself and Fatsy started working on ‘Switzerland’ one day and I wanted to try a vocal on it, so I did and sent it to everyone. The response was positive. It was the biggest sigh of relief I think i’ve ever had in my life. I’m also very confident in the song, I wouldn’t sing over it if I didn’t think that I was adding something that could take a song like that and kind of maybe push it on a bit more because all the elements are there.” They say in the press release: “The single is the sound of a band enjoying making music together again, trying to push themselves while not resorting to the same trickery that made their name the first time around.” ‘Switzerland’ gives off LCD Soundsystem vibes for me, from the action that keeps you interested in the background to the final euphoric couple of minutes. A triumphant return, then. There’s an album on the way and hopefully some live dates – they’re playing Bru in Newbridge on New Year’s Eve. You can buy ‘Switzerland’ on Bandcamp here.