David Kitt released the album Yous during the first week of 2017, proceeding to take it down from Bandcamp and promising a full and proper release (hands up if you were smart enough to download it). Just over a year later, the album is back on and the first single has been released. Yous is being released by All City Records (the same label as Kitt’s other project, the Choice-nominated New Jackson) on March 9. ‘Still Don’t Know’ is the glorious first track off Kitt’s eighth studio album. He says it’s “a travelogue within a dream, a jump-cut journey that crosses the globe. It’s one of those dreams you don’t want to wake from, where you want to go back under to piece the finer details together.” It all plays out over a dreamy acoustic soundtrack. The video below was shot and illustrated by New York-based director/animator Lessa Millet. ‘Still Don’t Know’ also features on an EP of the same name, released Friday, that includes three non-album tracks. Preorder here. Preorder Yous here.

David Kitt tour dates:
March 9: Cleere’s Theatre,
March 10: AMP venue, Cork City
March 11: De Barra’s, Clonakilty, Co Cork
March 23: Roisin Dubh, Galway
March 31: Upstairs at Dolan’s, Limerick
April 6: Button Factory, Dublin
April 8: Spirit Store, Dundalk
April 18: Borderline, London
April 19: Eagle Inn, Manchester