Padraig McCauley aka Disconcerting P released the album I Love You To Death as a name-your-price download in October 2017. Working on it for over two years, he whittled more than 40 tracks down to eight. He’s just released two tracks, ‘Unkind’ and ‘The Vessel’, that he recorded in those sessions but felt didn’t quite fit with the tone of the final album. A tale of the domestic, he sings on ‘Unkind’: “As long as I do the cooking and clean up all my plates, as long as you don’t get tired and mope around the place, and I’m sorry that I said that and I know you’re sorry that it’s true,” later musing that “love is vicious”. It reminds me of Destroyer. ‘The Vessel’ is almost like a Disney song, a sweet, simple pop song. Download the tracks for free from Disconcerting P’s Bandcamp.