Stereogum had a massive interview with Paddy Hanna yesterday, touting him as an artist to watch. It’s a revealing piece, Ryan Leas asking him at the end why “after all the setbacks and false starts, he kept writing, he kept starting new projects, clawing his way across his twenties to his own career”. Hanna replied: “That’s the fucking million dollar question. Is it vindictive? Is it being too stubborn to quit? Is it something deep inside of you that is telling you what it is you want to say? I don’t fucking know.” Right now, Paddy Hanna is creating the best music of his career – ‘Bad Boys’ and ‘Sunday Milkshake’ are two of my favourite songs of 2017. He’s back today with ‘Toulouse the Kisser’ – and album news: his second album Frankly, I Mutate, is out via Strange Brew records on March 2. It was recorded at Bow Lane studios, a month before it was knocked down and was produced by Girl Band’s Daniel Fox (from that Stereogum feature: “It seemed like a perfect fit, someone who is known for making music that can induce panic attacks but wants to be poppy, with someone who’s known for being poppy but trying in some ways to be downbeat. It was those two little clouds meeting to make confusion rain.”) Of ‘Toulouse the Kisser’, Hanna says: “It’s a travelogue of drunken misadventure, watching your future waste away and accepting you will become the person to whom people say, ‘at least I’m not that poor fool’.” It’s anthemic and irresistible; you’ll be roaring along to lines like “why don’t you walk away” and “I can only see my future in a telescope” on the second listen. Frankly, I Mutate is right in at the top of my most anticipated albums of 2018.