Dublin four piece Pillow Queens are in all of the ones to watch lists for 2018 – ‘Favourite’ is the start of what should be a very busy year for Sarah Corcoran (guitar/bass/vocals), Pamela Connolly (guitar/bass/vocals), Cathy McGuinness (guitar/vocals), and Rachel Lyons (drums/vocals). It’s the first single taken from their new EP, State of The State, released on Bristol-based Specialist Subject Records on March 16. A scuzzy track, ‘Favourite’ (already a live favourite, ahem) features a glorious chorus in a Dublin drawl. Pillow Queens have only been together for little over a year – the fact they’re writing such infectious singalongs bodes very well for the future. You can hear it live at Quarter Block Party on February 2 – they play Spailpin Fanach at 11.15pm.

Pillow Queens – ‘Favourite’ has been added to TPOE’s New Irish Music playlist on Spotify