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silences cover

I really enjoyed Armagh band Silences‘ show at Hard Working Class Heroes last week. They’ve just released their second EP, ‘Sister Snow’, which confirms that they’re making some of the most soothing music in the country at the moment. I talked about the title track here, and while what follows is along similar lines, it […]


Participant is Dublin-based musician Stephen Tiernan. He’s been working on his debut EP for about a year and today released Bit Slow into the world. Despite the long time working on the release, he chants on second track ‘Shelter’: “I’m not waiting, I never was.” The song titles should be an indication of what lies […]

cloud castle lake sync

Cloud Castle Lake gave us their first new track in a long time early last month, and ‘Sync’ didn’t disappoint. It acts as the opening track on the Dublin band’s new EP, entitled Dandelion, out now on Happy Valley Records. ‘A Wolf Howling’ continues where we left off, and, touching on seven minutes, should give […]

casanova wave sundown cover

Waterford act the Casanova Wave last month offered us a glimpse of the progression from his two-year-old debut album with ‘New Sensation‘. Featuring Biggles Flys Again, it’s grown on me a lot in the intervening month, sounding like an old friend willing you on to new glories. On the Sundown Yellow Moon EP, the upbeat […]

diamond dagger cover

Dublin artist Diamond Dagger has been pretty busy lately, what with being one half of Chrystyne with Goodtime, and this week he’s unveiled a new album that he’s made available for free download. Formerly known as Sarsparilla, Estate Crudele is Damien Lynch’s first full length under the Diamond Dagger name – and it’s been worth […]

con vos cocoon bloom cover

I’ve been quite taken by Con Vos since their first song arrived back in October. Now, on their debut EP Cocoon Bloom, ‘Central Park’ has been joined by four new tracks, including ‘Coast’, which brightened up December. Comprising Irish singer Sorcha Richardson and the New Jersey hip-hop duo Fortunate Ones, Cocoon Bloom is as the […]

bleeding heart pigeon cover

Limerick trio Bleeding Heart Pigeons launched their debut EP, In A Room In Littleton, Colorado, released on Virgin Records, in Whelan’s last night. Three songs long, it references the Columbine school shooting in 1999 and is never anything less than engaging, worrying, but fascinating. I can’t imagine how it was for singer Michael Keating to […]

spies distant shoreline cover

The very first thing that should be noted about the new EP from Spies is that it sounds amazing. The bass and drums are hugely confident and the guitars shimmer and shake in all the right places. Distant Shorelines is lyrically dense, rewarding constant rotation, with an extra line gleaned every so often. Michael Broderick’s […]