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Cork has quite the healthy electronic scene at the moment, especially if this free 10-track download is to go by. It was put together by Ctrl Alt Delete, a showcase of local Irish electronic producers. There are some fine tracks here, particularly the opener from The Karman Line, Latent Saint and The Handless Organist. The […]

Further to this post at the end of last week, you can hear the full Squarehead album, Yeah Nothing below. It’s available to buy now for €3.99, but it’s so good you can pay more if you want. Richter Collective is releasing the three-piece’s debut album and you can get a special vinyl, t-shirt and […]

Active Child has been, er, active since the end of 2008. Despite what you may think from listening to the band’s debut album, You Are All I See, which is streaming below, Active Child is one man, Pat Grossi. The album fits into the same category as James Blake, with bleak songs surrounded by a […]

Here’s the brilliant new album by The Horrors, quite a departure from the first album a few years ago. ‘You Said’ is a particular highlight for me, though overall, Faris Badwin’s vocals grate a little. A full review will be up on The Point Of Album Reviews later in the week.

I don’t know how they became everyone in Ireland’s favourite band, but the hardest-working group in the country (which almost definitely explains it) are back with their second album. And So I Watch You From Afar – let’s call them ASIWYFA from here on out, okay? – have grown in stature immensely in the past […]

This is where so much began for the 21st century. Queens Of The Stone Age rose from the ashes of beloved stoner-rock band Kyuss and was built around Josh Homme (singer and guitarist) and Nick Oliveri (bassist and vocalist). Before their friendship soured – both offer different reasons as to why – they were two […]

Irish folk troubadour Patrick Kelleher puts his Cold Dead Hands (joke only works if you have previous experience with Patrick Kelleher) to one side and puts out this collection of what are normally termed b-sides and rarities. Broken Ball consists of eight tracks which deal mainly with acoustic ‘slacker folk pop’. Needless to say it […]

Listen to Swedish girlband Those Dancing Days’ second album Daydreams & Nightmares over at the Dutch streaming site 3VOOR12 (whatever that means). I’ve been looking forward to this album for months. It sound immense, in particular the opening track, a call to arms if ever there was one. Quick, why are you still here? Go […]

Poor Tapes ‘n’ Tapes. It is impossible to discuss without remembering their position in the (blogging) world back in 2005/2006. ‘Insistor’ was the talk of Pitchfork. The group was able to tour the world on the back of it. But then something changed. Something went wrong along the lines and people fell out of love […]

Bright Eyes have been very generous and put their forthcoming album up on Youtube. The People’s Key is out in Ireland this coming Friday and many have been citing it as a return to form. But Conor Oberst has always had a pretty high quality control. The Youtube comment section has been doing a good […]