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slackers symphony

A five piece from Dublin, Slackers Symphony, despite the name, provide the perfect antidote to the mid-afternoon slump. Their two-track debut EP is a shot to the system, with the romp-a-stomp ‘Episode In Denial’ and its obnoxiously upbeat chorus impossible to resist. Ed Grannell’s echoey vocals steal a note or two from James Mercer of […]

hags cork

The first line I could comprehend on the three minutes and 20 seconds of the storming ‘Leave’ was “out of bed again”. Combined with the press photos , it’s hard not to think of new Cork four-piece Hags as a slacker pop punk band. Formed out of the remnants of When Good Pets Go Bad, […]

cruising cover

Featuring members of Girls Names, September Girls, Logikpary and Sea Pinks, there’s quite a bit going already for Cruising. They’re all going under monikers – Benzedrine Black, Sex Grimes, Dan Handle and Dick Vortex – so it’s hard to pin each member to which band, but judging by their first and only track online, ‘You […]

laurie shaw cover petra

Cork-based artist Laurie Shaw is prolific. He released two albums last year, Exceptions and Deep Cuts. And now he’s uploaded his latest album Petra to YouTube. That’s an impressive workrate. What’s even more impressive is the high quality of the work. The likes of ‘Gorilla’ are supremely confident. ‘Ella In Blue’ tells of forbidden love: […]


It’s always a fraught experience trying to predict new artists and bands to watch out for over the following 12 months, and yet it’s a ubiquitous one. Why would a blogger or *shudder* tastemaker want to put their reputation on the line by trying to foresee the music that will be most played on people’s […]

lets set sail smitten cover

Let’s Set Sail are a five piece – Ian Dunphy, Marian Hughes, Colm Keenan, Warren McCarthy and Rob Molumby – from Dublin and have been together for a couple years. ‘Smitten’ arrives alone, without a b-side or any hint at what the group’s plans are. It’s a gorgeous song, one that takes its time to […]

Con vos video

I fell instantly in love with ‘Central Park’, the debut single and video from Con Vos. You might recognise the lush vocals – they’re owned by Sorcha Richardson, who released a solo EP, Last Train, recently. Con Vos sees her join New jersey hip-hop duo Fortunate Ones. ‘Central Park’ is as slick a pop tune […]

The Shaker Hymn lo-res

If you’re even a passive gig-goer in Cork, you’ll probably have come across the Shaker Hymn at some point over the past few years. Caoilian Sherlock, Robbie Barron, Shane Murphy and Donal Linehan have been playing together for about a decade, having formed in secondary school. I’ve seen them live regularly throughout the year – […]

Bouts nothing good gets away cover

With an EP and a single under their belts, Dublin four piece Bouts are setting their sights on an album. Entitled Nothing Good Gets Away, Barry Bracken, Colin Boylan, Daniel Flynn and Niall Jackson are releasing it on their own imprint Wonky Karousel Records on October 25. ‘6.0’ is the first single from the album […]

Hidden Highways old hearts reborn

It’s been almost 18 months since we heard the delightful debut EP from Hidden Highways aka Vertigo Smyth and Carol Anne McGowan. They’ve been busy working on their debut album, Old Hearts Reborn, which finally gets released via Out On A Limb Records on Friday, September 13. ‘Next Time Round’ is the closing track on […]