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paddy hanna

‘Bad Boys‘ is one of my songs’ of the year so I’m delighted that, as Paddy Hanna heads out on a four-date tour, including two dates in Cork, that he’s released a new song to further whet the appetite for an album next year (produced by Daniel ‘Girl Band’ Fox). ‘Mario Lanza’ is another fun, […]

Pine The Pilcrow - Photography by Ruth Medjber

Subscribe to TPOE’s New Irish Music playlist on Spotify In this week’s roundup of new Irish music, there’s ambience from Winter Aid, a big pop tune and news of a new EP from Ailbhe Reddy, an emotionally heavy but heartful EP from the Meath indie band Youth Mass, a gorgeous post-Gloaming song from Pine the […]

In no particular order, here are some of the acts I’m looking forward to hearing a lot more from in the next 12 months. Some are already established artists while some are just starting out and haven’t even released a single yet. So hopefully you’ll find something new with which to fall in love. I […]


The Grey Merchant is a new project from Neon Atlas bassist Enda O’Flaherty and a collection of friends and fellow musicians. He says: “Recorded with friends in kitchens and abandoned buildings, mixing at Cork’s Whitewell Studios, and Studio Silo, Stöðvarfjörð, the result is some noisy mood-rock that combines guitars, bass, and drums with a vein […]

Clocking in at around 20 minutes, My Name Is John, or MynameisjOhn if you prefer, has created something that is never anything less than enticing. The Focusing Effect is his second EP of the year, following on from February’s The Thinker and the Prover. As the title suggests, the seven songs here are a more […]

What a nice way to start off the week. Weezer have made a new song available to the masses. ‘Memories’ is what Weezer have done, are doing, and will always do well: straight up three minute pop/rock songs. Nothing ever really changes but if it did, I am sure people wouldn’t be happy. ‘Memories’ is […]

Another really good New Zealand band to file alongside the recently discussed Tame Impala. The Naked And Famous don’t sound completely dissimilar to Passion Pit, what with some high-on-life electro leanings and vocals that are nothing less than optimistic. The name is also sure to win them search engine fans who happen to stumble upon […]

k- os is Kevin Brereton, a rapper from Canada. He released his debut album in 2002, and has released three subsequent records. ‘Black Water’ is taken from his forthcoming release The Anchorman Mixtape and features Sebastien Grainger of Death From Above 1979 fame. It is good. The tracklisting for the mixtape is not very Anchorman-references […]

Wild Beasts are touring the US soon, so Domino USA decided to give away a free Wild Beasts ep. You can download five tracks from the band, including the wonderful ‘We Still Got The Taste Dancin’ On Our Tongues’, here One of the tracks is ‘Through The Iron Gate’ which was previously only available in […]

Here is the new video from Broken Social Scene for ‘Forced To Love’, from one of the albums of the year, Forgiveness Rock Record. It was directed by MAKAPOON (Adam Makarenko & Alan Poon) and produced by Geoff McLean (Vision Entertainment). The video is 3d-esque. Let’s let the creators explain: “It’s an experimental 3D scanning […]