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myles manley relax cover

Myles Manley, that most idiosyncratic of musicians, from Sligo, is back with ‘Relax; Enjoy Your Night Upon The Town’. With a rarely spotted semi-colon in the title, the song proceeds at an increasingly paranoid pace. “They’re coming after me and then they’re coming after you,” he warns. The ‘relax’ of the song title sounds almost […]

Marc O'Reilly morality mortality cover

Currently in the middle of an extensive European tour, which included gigs in Galway, Cork and Limerick last weekend, Marc O’Reilly has just unveiled a video for ‘Of Nothing’. Taken from Morality Mortality, his first release for Virgin Records/Universal Ireland (the album is out this Friday), the track showcases an emotionally wrought side of O’Reilly. […]

september girls beach

One of the highlights from their second album Age of Indignation, Dublin five-piece September Girls have revealed the video for ‘Catholic Guilt’. It’s a 360-degree video which is really cool. They say it’ll also work on a VR headset and Google Cardboard so it’d be like you’re standing in the middle of the room turning […]

great balloon race

Cork band Great Balloon Race released debut album Cardboard almost three years ago and in the interim have set about becoming one of the most intense and exciting live bands around – their set supporting Jennifer Evans in Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh earlier this summer was stunning. The four piece – Marcus Gordon (guitar/vocals), […]

john blek cover

John Blek is leaving the Rats behind to release his debut solo album Cutting Room Floor on November 28. A collection of songs that Blek has been working on over the past 18 months, ‘Portland, Oregon’ is our first taster of the nine-track collection. As the name suggests, it’s a lovely acoustic number that’s bathed […]

september girls veneer video

Arriving in time for Halloween is the video for September Girls‘ new single ‘Veneer’, which I talked about here. The video was recorded “deep underground in Guerilla Studios, Dublin” and looks like it cost about a fiver. Set against white drapes, the fivesome, who look like witches deciding their next victim while sat around a […]


I was quite taken with Sails‘ first release ‘Winning Ways‘ a couple of weeks ago. It’s the b-side for their debut single ‘Lakes’, the video of which, directed by Stephen Patrick Allen, has just been released. It packs quite a hefty punch while it searches for your heartstrings. Nearly as epic as Villagers’ ‘Ship of […]

participant video

It’s always nice to come across videos that are a little bit different – and the visuals for Participant‘s track ‘Shelter’ are certainly that. If David Attenborough directed soaps, we might get something like what Bob Gallagher has created. He’s made videos for Swords and Myles Manley in recent months and of his latest effort […]

vann music gold and silver

Vann Music have slowly but surely been growing bigger in both fanbase and sound over the past 18 months and their new single could take them up to the next level. ‘Gold & Silver’ doesn’t try to rewrite any rulebooks but does feature a big chorus that should win over even the most passive gig-goer. […]

kormac another screen video

Dublin producer Kormac is readying second album Doorstepsfor release October 20 on Bodytonic. We’ve already heard ‘Wake Up‘ and the Speech Debelle-featuring ‘White Noise‘, and now we get ‘Another Screen’, a collaboration with Irvine Welsh. The Scottish writer tells Noisey how the collaboration came about: “We had a mutual friend over in Ireland. Plus, I […]