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Making this list of 40 of the best songs of 2010 was one of the tougher things I have done in the almost-year I have been running the blog. It has coincided with the best year in Irish music that I can remember (and that Harmless Noise can remember too). There were so many one-off […]

Catch up with all 69 posts on The Point Of Everything below. A number of new songs were revealed as were some great videos. This is the first time I have done a round-up like this. Enjoy. Hopefully there will be plenty more to come. New music Those Dancing Days – ‘Fuckarias’ Noah and the […]

Arcade Fire headlined the Saturday (day two) of Reading Festival 2010, coming on after The reformed Libertines. You can watch the BBC version of the show below, with the tracklist underneath. Looking forward to the o2 anyone? The full tracklist (not all of this was played in the above videos, obviously: ‘Ready To Start’ ‘Keep […]

I love it when a band just makes a perfect track. And at three minutes and seventeen seconds, ‘Endless Summer’ has all the ingredients necessary to become the breakthrough track for the wonderful Still Corners. They hail from London and make music not unlike Slow Club. There are also touches of Neu in the drumming […]

Earlier today, Cut Copy let the world hear the first new track from their forthcoming album, which sadly is not scheduled to be out for another six months or so. If you are unfamiliar with Cut Copy, then that must be remedied soon. They are from Australia and do dance rock that makes it impossible […]

Fight Like Apes are back. After dropping a notably reluctant drummer, and making a few appearances on the Dublin scene with Super Extra Bonus Party, May Kay, Tom, and Pockets are back. ‘Hoo Ha Henry’ is the first new stuff we have heard from FLApes since ‘…. And The Mystery Of The Golden Medallion’. It […]

Holy Ghost have really surpassed themselves with some great remixes of too much stuff to mention. But they do seem to enjoy getting their hands on LCD Soundsystem tracks. They have only gone and made a video for it too, as part of the Adult Swim Singles Programme. You can see the video below, and […]

Magic Kids are Beach Boys in all but name. Lush instrumentation and doo-wop melodies pervade each track the band has unleashed on the world to date. You could be forgiven for thinking that they have never heard anything other than ‘Pet Sounds’. Today, they gave us ‘Summer’ which sees the band mourning girlfriends past. “My […]

‘Serotonin’ is Mystery Jets third stab at the big time and so far we had ‘Dreaming of another world’, to get us into the mood for the album. Now, we get the title track done in the ‘Serotonin Session’. It is just as catchy as anything the band from Eel Pie Island have done before. […]

Mgmt are crazy. First, they make a song ridiculing the music industry (‘Time to Pretend’) which goes on to make Ben and Andrew global stars and sees future songs such as ‘Electric Feel’ and ‘Kids’ piped through supermarket stereos. Then, the duo make an album which they say will have no singles on it. Then […]