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Violens turned up on The Point Of Everything at the beginning of July with a full blown fist of noise. Then Washed Out got his hands on the first single. ‘Acid Reign’ is supposed to sound like this: Violens – ‘Acid Reign’ Washed Out, aka Ernest Greene, or the main purveyor of no-fi, has turned […]

The track that has left me quivering this week is S Carey’s ‘In The Dirt’, which was brought to my attention here. He is one of the many people who make up Bon Iver’s live show, and the influence is obvious. For anyone in need of heartfelt, soft lyrics then look no further. Panda Bear […]

It is always quite difficult to describe a band off the bat, based on just a few songs that are available spread throughout the internet. But seriously, the last.fm description of Violens’s sound is rather long, winding and pointless. Last.fm: “Violens are a New York-via-Miami four-piece formed in the fall of 2007 featuring members Iddo […]