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jetsetter promo

Clocking in at little over two minutes, the new single from Dublin four-piece Jet Setter doesn’t overstay its welcome. A super surf-pop song, it finds Ross Hamer in a passive, indecisive mood. “First time I didn’t know what to do, I just sat there stupid…”. He still doesn’t know what to do second time round. […]

girl band

On the closest thing we get to a chorus on Girl Band‘s new single ‘De Bom Bom’, premiered on Thursday morning by Noisey Music (how apt), ‘singer’ Dara Kiely says that he “tried to get it up – can’t get it up!” It’s screamed over what sounds more like a chainsaw trying to ride a […]

girl band lawman

Girl Band have been off the radar for a couple of months, re-emerging today with the six-minute-plus ‘Lawman’. Both live and on record, the Dublin four piece have rarely been anything but exhilarating, and ‘Lawman’ is no exception. The intro is drawn out, the guitar, when it arrives, is stabbed with abandon and the vocals […]

women's christmas

Women’s Christmas are “the most rugged ones from Jogging, Villagers and No Monster Club”, Ronan Jackson, James Byrne and Bobby Aherne. They formed in the summer because OF COURSE that’s when a band with Christmas in their name get together. And OF COURSE they’re releasing their debut EP on January 6. Anyway, the EP is […]

I was sad to hear that Hello Moon are splitting up after they release their next EP. It’s called An Elephant Pining and, over the course of six songs, displays everything that I liked about the band – it’s so carefree, so happy and infectious. Sadly it’s not being released on CD or record, but […]

Aw I just adore this song so much. It was love at first sight. It reminds me of The Little Ones, who I still love, and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. I know I shouldn’t keep falling for music like this but dammit Hello Moon, it’s just the perfect amount of twee, the right mixture […]

Following the release of a new track on Monday, today brings the premiere of the new Girl Band EP. The Dublin band have only released a single to date – the excellent In My Head – but if you’ve seen them live over the last year you’ll notice a couple of tracks on France 98. […]

Hired Hands hail from Dublin and release their debut album tomorrow. It’s called My Heart Hung and it’s out on Any Other City records, which has a pretty good hit rate. And their quality control is rather excellent too (James runs the label and is in Villagers. Their first EP came out on Any Other […]