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cloud castle lake bonfire cover

I’m very excited about Cloud Castle Lake releasing their debut album – that’s set to happen early 2018 via Bright Antenna Records. The Dublin foursome’s Dandelion EP in 2014 is one of the best releases of the decade so I have high hopes, which have only been stoked by ‘Twins‘ and now the six-minute-plus ‘Bonfire’. […]


All pictures by Bríd O’Donovan. I wonder who saw the most acts at Hard Working Class Heroes this year. About 104 artists were on the lineup (though there were one or two cancellations, such as Affleck). I wasn’t up in Dublin for Thursday (here’s who I would’ve gone to see) so I had some catching […]

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Press Record have made a really nice video of Cloud Castle Lake performing one of my songs of the year, ‘Sync’. Press Record has been doing really good work over the past few months, recording the likes of the Minutes, Sleep Thieves, Daithi and Kid Karate – you can watch all these sessions and more […]

cloud castle lake sync

Cloud Castle Lake gave us their first new track in a long time early last month, and ‘Sync’ didn’t disappoint. It acts as the opening track on the Dublin band’s new EP, entitled Dandelion, out now on Happy Valley Records. ‘A Wolf Howling’ continues where we left off, and, touching on seven minutes, should give […]

cloud castle lake sync

I’ve been following Cloud Castle Lake for a few years now: they played the first gig I put on, in Limerick, back in 2011, and I had them in my list of acts to watch out for in 2013. So you can understand how delighted I was that they’ve finally unleashed a new song in […]

Cloud Castle Lake featured on my list of Irish bands I want to hear more of this year, so naturally I’ve spend a large portion of today pressing play on Soundcloud listening to their cover of Jai Paul’s ‘Jasmine’. I know it’s a cover. I KNOW! But it’s Cloud Castle Lake – they have so […]

Kool Thing The Berlin-based Dublin/Australian trio Kool Thing had a pretty good 2012, releasing a few singles, a digital EP of remixes and winning lots of new fans with their live show. They ooze cool – I mean look at that photo up there! Theirs is a laid-back, dark and sometimes intimidating sound, but one […]

There’s so little Cloud Castle Lake music available online that I was delighted to see they were recording something for Quompilation #2. It’s a cover of the Jacques Greene song ‘Another Girl’. I hadn’t heard the original so it’s totally new to me. The Dublin group showcase all their talents for the song – the […]

The video above did inspire me to want to do something. It was made a few years back by Dylan Haskins who, at the time of writing, had just announced his intention to stand in Ireland’s upcoming election, as an independent in Dublin. He definitely deserves your attention with this eye-grabbing video. The point is […]

Have you heard about Quarter Inch Collective’s Quompilation #1? Thirteen Irish artists, including Squarehead, Spies, Kid Karate, Patrick Kelleher and many more, covered their favourite song of 2010. We get two versions of Squarehead’s ‘Fake Blood’ (Nialler9 readers’ favourite song of the year too), a Rihanna cover and a Kanye West cover that I thought […]