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Subscribe to TPOE’s New Irish Music playlist on Spotify It’s a relatively quiet week for new Irish releases, maybe just as well because all I really want to do is listen to New Jackson‘s debut album. The roundup of best new Irish music this week also includes Loah – debut EP out next month – […]

Despite the name, Rendezvous are an Israeli duo, Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg, who will release debut album Another Round Please at the end of the month on Rough Trade. The songs could easily be confused with a bygone era of dance music, eschewing the David Guetta/Skrillex techniques that have invaded the genre. Where’s the […]

This is the b-side to Factory Floor’s new single which has just been released on the DFA label. I have been listening to it a lot this morning and the thing that has grabbed me most about this second version is that I simply can’t pinpoint where the intro ends. As you can see from […]

Nialler 9 has been leading the way with hyping Factory Floor, a London three-piece who know their way around a rave. I hadn’t listened to the band despite Nialler featuring them from August last year. He posted their new track on Saturday and I am glad to say I clicked and it clicked with me. […]

Kara Kara is Dublin-based Kieran Dold and his debut EP is simply stunning. It’s all done on keyboards and using – wait for it – a GameBoy. I knew you could make music using that technique but I didn’t knew the songs could be so breathtaking. ‘Haunted GameBoys’, for example, is a full-on, maniacal dance […]

More mindblowing stuff from Wolfgang Gartner who featured on the blog last Friday. By rights, this song deserves to be played in every club by every dj. If not, it should at least be played by you, dear reader. A mind melting, stop-start blast of dance music engulfs the speakers once you press play on […]

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs make electronic music that would put the fear into Hot Chip. There are plenty of remixes from the band already floating around the internet (here, for example) and the track below, ‘Household Goods’, is both a banging club tune, as well as a Sunday morning record to ease you into the […]

LCD Soundsystem get the remix treatment from a duo from Australia, and if you are heading to Ibiza, get ready for some killer tunes…

Kitsune is the French label home to so many good bands at the moment. Jamaica, Holy Ghost and Two Door Cinema Club are just three such bands which makes the label the shrine of music bloggers at the moment. Crystal Fighters rightfully find themselves on Kitsune. With two Spanish girls, Laure and Mimi, two Londoners, […]

I am a relative newcomer to the wonder of The xx. It took about six months after they released the album before I actually decided that yes, in fact, it is an utterly astounding work of genius. And National Public Radio (NPR), those kind American souls have full live sets from headliners Hot Chip, who […]