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Diamond Dagger and Goodtime (John) have teamed up to become Chrystyne. They say the project came into fruition a few months ago with the common goal to summon a hybrid of electronic music, mixing both analogue and digital elements, keeping one foot in pop and another in the psychedelic sphere. Diamond Dagger actually remixed Goodtime’s […]

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Chromatics’ double album Kill For Love still gets played regularly around these parts. This afternoon, about 18 months after its release, Ireland’s Goodtime, now based in Sweden, I believe, has had a go at covering its title track, making things a little low key in the process. It’s a little reminder of how talented John […]

Clocking in at over eight minutes, Lasertom’s remix of ‘Behind This Sun’ is never anything less than AMAZING! It’s funky as hell, with a throbbing bassline. The vocals are kept to a minimum, as Lasertom aka Simon Cullen gives ‘Behind This Sun’ a new vein of life, one that should be right at home on […]

It’s widely accepted that 2010 was a classic year for Irish bands, one that was always going to be difficult to reciprocate. Last year, the Point of Everything did a Best Songs of 2010 list that featured a measly six Irish bands. Looking back, so many more Irish bands deserved to feature. Irish music is […]

Goodtime’s ‘Behind This Sun’ has been on repeat here for the past month or so, and now, we get seven more tracks, making up The Colours of Darkness. John Cowhie’s second album is a short, melodic blast of rejuvenation. Throughout, the listener is reassured that things are not as bad as they may seem. “Don’t […]

The video for ‘Behind This Sun’, directed by Richard Gilligan (brilliant website), could have been shot anywhere in Ireland. It suits the song perfectly too. It’s taken from Goodtime’s second album The Colours of Darkness, which is out on November 4. Download ‘Behind This Sun’ for free here.

You may have seen Goodtime supporting Jape throughout Ireland over the past few weeks (or in the next few weeks). ‘Behind This Sun’ is the opening track on Jahn Cowhie’s forthcoming album The Colours of Darkness, which is released on November 4 on Temporary Secretary Recordings. ‘Behind This Sun’ is a mellow introduction to Goodtime’s […]