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Two-piece Irish electronica act Nouveaunoise have been inspired. But it’s not by anything in Ireland. Despite hailing from the west of the country – “You can never get rid of that, it’s with you ‘til the day you die” – it’s the UK scene that is really opening their eyes at the moment. Indeed, they […]

Every blogger’s dream has surely come through now that James Blake and Bon Iver have collaborated on a track. It started with a tweet, it’s come to ‘Fall Creek Boys Choir’ and in October we could be looking at more than just the one track from the pair, with Enough Thunder slated for then. But […]

He hasn’t gone away you know. James Blake makes the transition to playing live on late night US shows with Jimmy Fallon’s help. ‘The Wilhelm Scream’ sounds just as good now as it did eight months back. Sadly, Jimmy’s backing band, The Roots, don’t join in. Might be hard to find out where they would […]

Not one to rest on releasing three critically acclaimed EPs last year and a critically acclaimed full-length this year, James Blake is back with a 12″ split single on the Hemlock record label, who released his debut single, Air & Lack Thereof, and also released singles from the likes of Mount Kimbie and Breton. To […]

The star of 2011 so far is undoubtedly James Blake. Whether you like him or otherwise, everyone who likes music has an opinion on him. He was on Zane Lowe’s Radio One show last night, performing the epic ‘Wilhelm Scream’, which, as it turns out, is actually a cover! Who would have guessed it? His […]

On top of the podcast that you may have heard earlier in the week, featuring all new Irish music, I thought I would do a little mixtape of the tunes you may or my not have heard this week. Some of the songs are brand new to me and so I have frontloaded them. In […]

James Blake Here is something that I wrote for a much longer post earlier this year, which featured James Blake: “Does James Blake really need any introduction? The blogosphere has collectively gone into overdrive over the 23-year-old dubstepper. He has three EPs under his belt, which made it into Pitchfork’s top 10 albums of 2010. […]

Welcome to the first in a new series of posts on The Point Of Everything. This site will be a year old on January 6 so I will be trying out a few things to spice things up. Below is the first in the ‘A crash course in…’ series where you will find out all […]