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Well that was pretty good, wasn’t it!? Altered Hours launched their debut album In Heat Not Sorry at the Kino in January, promoted by Southern Hospitality Board, and returned to the venue at the end of the year, Saturday, December 10, as part of the promoters’ Sudden Club Weekender. Supported by the Bonk, a self-described […]


Rusangano Family ripped it up at the Kino on Friday night, opening Southern Hospitality Board‘s Sudden Club Weekender. Anybody in doubt that they’re the most exciting live band in the country is surely convinced now. The three piece, comprising the non-stop energy of rappers God Knows and Murli and beatmaster mynameisj0hn, were supported by Bantum, […]


Good news, everybody! Tomorrow night, Friday, June 21, the Kino reopens its doors once more. Where once it offered an alternative to the bland popcorn and blander movies in multiplexes, the Kino now offers Cork an all-ages events venue, with a cafĂ© to boot. Five people are involved in the project: brothers Dave and Shane […]