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Subscribe to TPOE’s New Irish Music playlist on Spotify It’s a jammers week of new releases – just as well cos I’m off to Barcelona and Primavera next week. I’m spending an inordinate amount of time trying to decide between Solange and Broken Social Scene, embroiled in a direct clash on Thursday. It’s a very […]


Louise Bruton, in the Irish Times, wrote of Bantum‘s second album Move: “With familiar names such as Rusangano Family, Loah and newcomer Farah Elle featuring, it’s an exact guide of who we should be listening to right now.” At Bello Bar last Friday night, which me and two fellow Cork people stumbled across after consulting […]


Well that was pretty good, wasn’t it!? Altered Hours launched their debut album In Heat Not Sorry at the Kino in January, promoted by Southern Hospitality Board, and returned to the venue at the end of the year, Saturday, December 10, as part of the promoters’ Sudden Club Weekender. Supported by the Bonk, a self-described […]


Rusangano Family ripped it up at the Kino on Friday night, opening Southern Hospitality Board‘s Sudden Club Weekender. Anybody in doubt that they’re the most exciting live band in the country is surely convinced now. The three piece, comprising the non-stop energy of rappers God Knows and Murli and beatmaster mynameisj0hn, were supported by Bantum, […]


All pictures by Bríd O’Donovan. I wonder who saw the most acts at Hard Working Class Heroes this year. About 104 artists were on the lineup (though there were one or two cancellations, such as Affleck). I wasn’t up in Dublin for Thursday (here’s who I would’ve gone to see) so I had some catching […]


Damon McMahon aka Amen Dunes was touring around Ireland last week, arriving in Cork on Thursday, September 25, to play the TDC in the Triskel. Promoted by the Southern Hospitality Board, Amen Dunes, completed by Parker Kindred and Jordi Wheeler, channel Kurt Vile and play sunny, laid back Americana. And finally I got to catch […]


Cork band Elastic Sleep launched their debut EP Leave You at the Triskel on Sunday night. It was just over 10 months ago that I first blogged about them, a little flustered at just how good introductory track ‘Anywhere’ was. They’ve kept the quality levels high throughout the six tracks that comprise the new EP, […]


We Cut Corners released their second album Think Nothing on Friday, and showcased it at the Crane Lane in Cork the next day, Saturday, April 26. They brought Liza Flume down from Dublin with them, and she opened proceedings with a far too short (five songs!) set that included the stirring ‘Poison’. Only occasionally caressing […]


There were a plethora of good bands and acts playing around the Triskel Arts Centre in Cork City over the weekend, APril 19 and 20, in a joint celebration of Record Store Day and our launch of We Play Here issue 2. On Saturday night, Twin Lights, Nativism and the Keep on Jumpin’ DJs kept […]


San Fermin‘s self-titled debut album, which came out last September, is happily residing near the top of my favourite albums of 2013 list (in my head). I love its National-based, kitchen sink melodrama. Written by keyboard player Ellis Ludwig-Leone, vocals are provided by the depths-plunging Allen Tate and Charlene Kaye (who has seemingly replaced Rae […]