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I have featured Male Bonding on my site a few times in the past and now they are featured because you can listen to the entirety of their second album, Endless Now. It’s very much early Blink 182, think Cheshire Cat but without Tom’s screecy voice. It’s such a great album from the London band, […]

There has been a lot of buzz around Yuck this year, mainly for reasons I can’t quite understand. They sound so much like early 90s bands that they offer nothing more than a nostalgia trip. At least with The Horrors, who were tarred with sounding like every band ever, there was some innovation. Male Bonding […]

Have you got precisely one minute and 41 seconds to spare? Perfect to watch the new video from London trip Male Bonding. A nice little document of what they are like live (ferocious) and what to do if you are in the crowd (jump around). It must also be noted that for all the intensity […]

The great London noise-duo Male Bonding have released a video for ‘Pirate Key’, off their album, Nothing Hurts. Nice use of green screen, I think you will agree.