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MGMT closed Murphy’s Little Big Weekend last night, Sunday, October 20. They released their self-titled third album earlier this year, to a smattering of applause but little more. So there was a curious crowd in the Savoy for the group, though they still played the tracks that made their reputation. Support on the night came […]

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I wasn’t expecting this gig. I especially wasn’t expecting to hear about it late on a Sunday night. MGMT have been revealed as the headliners for Murphy’s Little Big Weekend, which runs from October 18-20, with all the gigs taking place in the Savoy. Whether or not MGMT are really festival headliners – there’s a […]

This is one immense track. Wolf Gang is 23-year-old Max McElligott. He is currently putting the finishing touches on his album that is being produced by Dave Friedmann in Leolyn Woods in New York. This is exactly the same route that MGMT took when they recorded Oracular Spectacular. So if ‘Lions In Cages’ is Wolf […]

I willl be honest: I was one of those people who thought that MGMT’s second album was a pile of rubbish. It was bloated and pretencious. Or so I thought. The singles, despite initially suggesting they would not be releasing any off the album, suggested that there were a few tunes in there. Also, I […]

I was thinking about these guys earlier this week, mainly how they achieved exactly what they set out to do when they released Congratulations earlier this year: nobody likes them anymore. Last year, the clamour to Electric Picnic was to see ‘Time To Pretend’ in all its glorious irony. Now, MGMT have made it onto […]

Ac/dc, Inxs, and Savage Garden. Natalie Imbruglia, Kylie Minogue, Neighbours, Home and Away. Up to a few years back, these would have been how far the Australian culture scene had spread. But then we had Wolfmother and Empire of the Sun. Now, I know that is not much, but still, it was something. In the […]

Mgmt are crazy. First, they make a song ridiculing the music industry (‘Time to Pretend’) which goes on to make Ben and Andrew global stars and sees future songs such as ‘Electric Feel’ and ‘Kids’ piped through supermarket stereos. Then, the duo make an album which they say will have no singles on it. Then […]

Second album syndrome seems to affect more than a few bands. It seems to have become a particular problem in lieu of all the bands following The Strokes precedent in 2001. Indeed, their second album was not what one would call a success (though this writer liked it alot). And so, today, saw the premiere […]